Madeleine de Rauch's "Maison"

Born in 1896 in Ville d’Avray, Madeleine de Rauch was a famous French fashion designer renowned for the fluidity and elegance of her clothes.

She began designing outfits for herself and rapidly acquired a reputation among her friends to the point that in 1928 she opened her 1st maison de couture under the name of « House of friendship ». Like Jean Patou and Chanel, she was at that time a pioneer of the « sportswear style ».

In 1932, Madeleine de Rauch moved on to haute couture and founded the couturier house of that name, endorsing her signature « sporty” style without giving up on elegance » and showing alongside Lelong, Fath and many other well-known designers. She rapidly gained international prominence and clientele. Later on, she settled in the Hotel Ganay in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Initially famous for being an expert sportswear couturier, Madeleine de Rauch also developed a more classic « couture » style. Fashionable ladies particularly appreciate her beautiful tweed sets veiled with muslin and her evening gowns made of flannel or luxurious silks ». Her designs stood out for the exceptional quality of their fabrics, their cut and finish.

As a friend, a partner or a rival of the Greats of her time, Madeleine de Rauch was always involved in the fashion industry. In the mid-1950’s, realizing the importance of mass production, she and eight other fashion designers established the « Ready-to-Wear Association ». Madeleine de Rauch also helped emerging talents, among them a young and promising Yves Saint Laurent for whom she found, in 1961, a workshop to start his first collection.

The doors of de Rauch remained open until 1974 when she stopped designing for good. According to the Vintage Fashion Guild, she was known for "fluid, feminine clothes and sporty day looks."

Madeleine de Rauch in VOGUE - 30 fashion designer from Paris